Atlantic Royal is situated 1hr30min north of Cape Town, South Africa, in a unique and pristine coastal town called Saldanha on the West Coast. It is the most prolific mussel-growing area in South Africa. The West Coast, along with the cold Benguela Ocean current and the area’s windy conditions, create an upwelling which produces nutrient-rich plankton waters.

This is where we farm and process a black mussel known as Mytilus Galloprovincialis, commonly known as the Mediterranean or Spanish Mussel. It has a sweet flavour and a succulent plump meat texture and is also packed with wonderful nutritional benefits.

We have over 60 hectares of our own marine farm water space, and 50 hectares of mentorship supplier farms situated in North Bay, Saldanha. With our exposure to the open ocean, the currents provide an abundance of nutrient-rich plankton which feeds our mussels with no human intervention at all.

Growing mussels in these cold, biologically diverse and nutrient-rich waters creates our unique and popular mussel taste. With our farms and facility being in a 2km proximity from the processing facility, it reduces the time between harvesting and freezing significantly, enabling us to capture this unique flavour profile. This contributes to reducing the time and input costs to an already low carbon footprint.


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