Atlantic Royal is the largest, fully vertically-integrated mussel farm and processing company in South Africa, with the full value chain (farming, harvesting, processing and marketing) managed internally.

With world-class farming, harvesting, processing, packaging and freezing equipment and the ability to process and freeze raw material 1 hour from harvest, we can ensure the highest quality mussels for the market.

Our philosophy speaks to a product offering that is developed with integrity and ethical company structures and that embraces the values of our customers and society in general. At the core of our business is our focus on food safety, quality, our people and guardianship and protection of our environment.

By adopting a Triple Bottom Line – “people, planet, profit” – strategy, we empower our employees and community through a product and company that they can be proud to represent. Our brand motivates them and provides a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment, over and above just providing a source of income.

With this low-carbon footprint we hope to contribute to and partner with both retail and foodservice partners who are actively seeking to reduce the carbon footprint of the products they offer.




Atlantic Royal recognises the importance of a multi-faceted, broad-based and integrated approach to Black Economic Empowerment in the transformation of the macro socio economic space where we are active, as well as for the long-term sustainability of South Africa. We all believe in substantially increasing black participation at all levels of the economy by addressing the imbalances of the past by transferring more ownership, the management and control of South Africa’s financial and economic resources to most of its citizens.

We are motivated to take the lead in our industry and do what is necessary to achieve these goals and work towards empowering our workforce and that of the broader Saldanha community. As part of our social responsibility and job creation, mentorship programmes are key.

Together with the local and national government we formed a partnership to play our part in their initiative to grow the aquaculture industry and implement more inclusive/broader participation in the sector. This unique partnership forms part of the company’s strategic objectives and commitments in the planning, setting-up, developing and mentoring of small-scale mussel farmers by providing know-how, management, infrastructure, market access and training. The aim is to transform them into 100% black-empowered, fully commercial farms via mentorship programmes.

We provide guidance and management to ensure the economic viability of all our mentorship programmes. Participants are equipped to understand the necessary technical/design aspects of farming, administrative and financial management, training and skills transfers to ensure that they become economically viable businesses in their own right.

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